Brewery Community Member:

In the past days, I’ve been saddened and distressed to hear the news coming from breweries across the state as we face the necessary specter of social distancing and the potential for declining business.

At the same time I’ve been encouraged by, and appreciative of, the courage and fortitude I’ve seen from breweries like yours as you work hard to balance your role as a leader and social hub in your community, your commitment to your employees, and your responsible actions in advance of a seemingly inevitable health crisis.

At Buck Creek, we are passionate about our Iowa roots and in our belief that local breweries play a unique role in our business and social ecosystem. Businesses like yours help to build connections, create economic vibrancy and positively impact the fabric of our communities…. all things that will be desperately needed when Covid-19 subsides, and we work to return to normalcy.

We want you to know that we’ve taken aggressive steps with our supply partners, many of whom share our roots and passion for our region of the country, to ensure that we have the right plans in place to provide business continuity and resiliency.

We also want you to know that we are in this with you, for as long as it takes. Our team is prepared to assist in any way we can, whether that means helping with inventory redeployment or repurchase, working with you on payment terms and short term cash-flow challenges, or amplifying the messaging on how your patrons can continue to support you during the disruption in the coming weeks.

As the parent of a high school-aged daughter and the spouse of a health care professional, I am well aware that there are elements of the current situation over which we have limited control…but we can certainly, through our best efforts, position ourselves as a community to rebound quickly when the dust settles.

Lastly, Christian, Erica, Janelle, Mark and I engage with the regional brewing community every day, and any member of our team would welcome the opportunity to capture and share thoughts and ideas on best practices and innovative ideas that will help us all to weather the storm.

Please reach out to us if we can help,

Shawn Meaney


319 331 6523

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