Chinook Hop Rhizome


Plant the rhizome 2″ below the soil surface. Hops are prolific growers. During the height of the summer these plants can grow 6-12″ every day! The pant will spread underground via rhizome and create a bigger plant with more shoots every year. The shoots can be trained onto string or a trellis. Hops do best in USDA hardiness zones 5 through 9.

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Chinook is a dual purpose cultivar developed by the USDA breeding program and released in 1985. Due to our rich soils and different climate, chinook grown in Iowa is much more tropical fruit-forward when compared with chinook of the PNW. The spice and pine characteristics typically associated with chinook are much less pronounced when grown in Iowa while tropical fruit and grapefruit aromas take center stage, making it a truly unique aroma addition.

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