Maris Otter Pale Malt- Muntons 55lb Sack




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It is usual for malting barley varieties to be grown for typically five to ten years, until they are superseded by newer, higher yielding and more
robust varieties. Maris OtterĀ® however is the exception. Although there have been many varieties with higher yields and extracts, none have
managed to remove Maris OtterĀ® from its position as one of the longest surviving and best known varieties. Its characteristic taste and outstanding
processability, coupled with its historic significance make this a variety likely to remain a craft brewing favourite for many years to come.

Analytical Specification (ASBC Methodology):

Color SRM (Min) 1.7

Color SRM (Max) 2.6

Color L (Min) – 1.8

Color L (Max) 2.5

Extract Yield Dry Basis Coarse Grind 79%

Extract potential (S.G.) 1.037

Total Protein, dry (Min) – 8.44%

Total Protein, dry (Max) 10.31%

Soluble Nitrogen Ratio – SNR (Min) 38

Soluble Nitrogen Ratio – SNR (Max) 44

IoB Wort Beta Glucan 450g 120

Moisture Content 4.00%




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