About us

Buck Creek Hops began their adventure in the Spring of 2014 when co-founders Mark Pattison and Dan Paca decided to plant two varieties of hops rhizomes to test the fertile soil of East Central Iowa. They were curious if it could produce aroma and taste-enhancing hops as well as it does corn, soybeans, and alfalfa. With the help of precisely-timed fertilizer, irrigation, and the strong foundation of Iowa’s black top soil, the trial was a great success!

Mark has since teamed up with his brother Lee Pattison and friend Chad Henry to form Buck Creek Hops, LLC. Combined, these four individuals have over 180 years of commercial row-cropping experience! They use their agronomy knowledge and skills to provide the freshest, most flavorful hops selection available on the market today.

The Farm

The 100-acre farm, located in Johnson County, Iowa, began commercial production in 2015 and started with 25,000 hops plants. On site, Buck Creek Hops has state-of-the-art equipment designed specifically for the purpose of properly retaining all essential hop oils. This allows them to deliver the best product for brewers.

Wide Selection of Hops Varieties

Buck Creek Hops currently has thirteen varieties of hops. The varieties were carefully chosen to allow a range in choice of Iowa’s freshest selection. Fresh hops are available each harvest season, as well as pelleted and packaged hops.

Browse our website and check out our social media links – you will quickly learn how four homegrown, corn-fed, Iowa boys are striving to utilize and share knowledge, experience, and rich Iowa soil to provide the beverage world with a flavorful product.

Buck Creek Hops…. For adding the most flavor and aroma to your brew, the buck stops here!