About us

Beginnings of Buck Creek Distributing

After 6 years of hop production, Buck Creek Distributing began in 2019 as an entrepreneurial venture to more-broadly serve breweries and distilleries located in the midwest. Experience with our hop enterprise led us to witness the challenges customers faced with inefficiency of raw materials sourcing. Our notion is to serve new and existing breweries and distilleries better than any distributor in the midwest, built upon a proven track record of small business success, deep knowledge and expertise of distribution and logistics, and a heart for our local communities.

Serving Brewers and Distillers

Buck Creek Distributing uses purchasing, distribution, and logistics expertise to improve access to local and global brewing ingredients. Carefully selected suppliers provide quality and consistent supply through proven channels. Our professionally managed warehouse is located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and to-the-hour scheduled deliveries are managed with our own transportation assets to remove the guesswork of delivery dates and times. If you are in the business of brewing or distilling, our dedicated team of sales professionals, customer service support, technical brewing and agricultural resources are here to serve you.