We designed the Buck Creek Hops Alliance program to promote the growth and use of local hops as a sustainable crop through education and shared resources for commercial and home brewers. The alliance was formed to act as a central voice for growers in Iowa & the Midwest and promote hop-growing fundamentals through education, research, promotion, and marketing. Due to the nature of the alliance, current hop growers, prospective hop growers, commercial brewers, home brewers, hops enthusiasts or historians, and even education or government outreach groups can all benefit from our program.

Why Join?

Becoming an Alliance Member will provide you access to a network of growers, suppliers, craftspeople, business, researchers, and academics. Our program forms a network of information sharing, research, and project collaboration and encourages interest in Midwest-grown hops. In addition, the membership gives you access to knowledge regarding propagating, growing, harvesting, drying of hops, and much more!

How to Become a Member?

To become a member, simply fill out our Buck Creek Hops Alliance Membership form by clicking the link below. Membership is obtained with a one-time $100.00 fee and lasts forever. After the initial fee you will incur no annual fees and will be a lifetime member. Membership includes all the advantages listed above and specifically includes the following:

  • Access to and guaranteed use of the Buck Creek Hops processing facility
  • Invitation to display products and materials at Buck Creek Hops sponsored events
  • Attendance to our annual Alliance educational meeting
  • Quarterly newsletters written by Christian Peterson, Buck Creek Hops very own Horticulturalist
  • Notification and information exchange of Buck Creek Hops and all hops-related events
  • Marketing opportunities at events in which Buck Creek Hops participates (e.g. festivals, agricultural fairs, brewing/culinary events, etc.)
Membership Application