The Importance of Planning As a Hops Farmer in Iowa

As a hops farmer in Iowa, March is all about planning and getting ready for this spring’s planting. The planning stage is just as important – if not more important – than any other stage of the growing process.

Right now at Buck Creek Hops, we’re prepping the fields and farm equipment to confirm everything will be ready when it is time to plant. We will be spraying our first round of fungicide in March and making sure we have all fertilizers and pesticides prepared. We’ll be testing and making repairs on all the equipment needed for the first stage of growing.

Consulting with Contractor Growers

Here at Buck Creek Hops, we want to ensure that every hops farmer in Iowa has the resources they need to produce high-quality hops. We do this by helping our contractors prepare for planting and providing education to growers across the state. We encourage all our growers to prepare for the growing season by doing these four things in March.

  • Develop a production calendar
  • Have your soil tested
  • Purchase fertilizers and pesticides
  • Spray your first round of fungicide

In addition, we recommend that our growers look forward to April and have all their twine ready to go and their crew hired and prepped. By taking all these steps during the planning stage, you can ensure a smoother and more prosperous planting season.

Becoming a Contractor

Contractors at Buck Creek Hops have full access to horticultural assistance, supplies, and insider information, as well as consultations and processing. To take full advantage of the resources at Buck Creek Hops, become a contract grower! Contact us to learn more.

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