Reliable Lighthouse Chocolate Malt- Pauls Malt 55lb Sack




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Bitter coco-like accents with coffee undertones. We produce this malt at our Pauls Malt Ltd. plant in Knapton, North Yorkshire, UK. Light chocolate malt is produced by roasting kiln-dried malt to temperatures of up to 220°C. Water is used to extend the roasting time and for quenching and cooling at the end of a roast to prevent combustion.

Color(ASBC) 405-510

Moisture 4.0% Max

Extract FG 72.0 Min

Usage Rate 3-12%

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Whole, Crushed


Pauls Malt

From sending delivery boats to rescue Allied troops from Dunkirk in 1940 to supplying breweries around the world with malt today, Pauls Malt possesses a rich history and excellent reputation as an iconic British maltster.

As proud members of Boortmalt, the world’s leading maltster, we’re proud to offer our customers across North America a broad selection of world-class malts from this historic brand.