Contract Growing Hops with Us

Have you started a hop yard or want to get started, but wonder, “what do I do next?” Skip the mistakes, setbacks, and pulling your hair out and become a contract grower with Buck Creek Hops. We provide consultations, horticulturalist assistance, supplies, and insider information not only to those who are just starting up, but also to those with existing hops yards. What does it mean to be a contract grower with us? It’s simple: a contract is signed between you and Buck Creek Hops stating your farm will grow various varieties; and in turn, we agree to process, package, and purchase those hops from you for a standard set of years. So, contract growing with Buck Creek Hops not only provides you with experienced knowledge and oversight about the growing process, but removes the stress and hassle of how/when/where to harvest, process, market, and sell your hops. It’s great to be a contract grower: You grow them, we’ll buy them! Contact us today for more information about becoming a contract grower!

Hops Growing and Farm Start Up Consultations

Thinking of starting a hop yard but not sure where to begin? Let us help you! We provide start up consultations, budgeting information, labor-intensity expectations, trellis designs, hop plant selection assistance, hop yard supplies, marketing and sales options, and much much more. Since each consultation is uniquely different, our fees vary on a case-by-case basis and depend on many factors. For specific consultation pricing information on your unique farming situation, contact Mark Pattison at 319-331-3198 to set up a meeting. If you want to grow hops, we’re here to help you do it!

Hops Processing and Packaging

Buck Creek Hops offers a variety of options when it comes to harvesting, processing, and packaging your hops. We welcome you to contact us to discuss the varieties you have and what your processing needs are. Check out our 4-Part, 3-Part, and 2-Part packaging options under our Process Hops page!