All About Nugget Hops

Known as one of the US’s earliest “super-alpha,” Nugget was released from the USDA breeding program in 1983. Although originally developed as a bittering hop, nugget hops have found their place as a dual-purpose variety among today’s craft brewers.

Some well-known beers which use nugget hops include Toppling Goliath Brewing Company’s Golden Nugget IPA and New Belgium Brewing Company’s Tartastic.

Nugget Hops Profile

The Nugget hop variety is generally a bittering hop but can be used for aroma as well. In our Iowa soils, it comes out as very resinous, earthy, and floral.

It’s higher alpha acid content (13.6%) makes it well suited for bittering. Higher alpha acid means it will provide more bittering since this is the component in the hop that provides bitterness to beer.

In comparison, Nugget hops have beta acids of just 3.7%. The much higher alpha acid content is what categorizes Nugget as a super-alpha hop. The total oil content is .7 mL/100g:

  • β-Pinene:              0.29
  • Myrcene:             29.54
  • Linalool:                 1.51
  • Caryophyllene:   12.68
  • Farnesene:            0.87
  • Humulene:          24.36
  • Geraniol:                0.11

Nugget Beers & Brewing

Nugget hops have a very clean bittering property, which makes them a popular hop for a number of beers. The most popular of these include:

  • Stouts
  • India Pale Ales
  • American Blonde Ales
  • American Wheats
  • Barley Wines
  • Saison & Biere de Garde
  • English Bitters
  • Lagers
  • Irish Stouts

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