Building Better Beer Partnership

Buck Creek Hops & Iowa Brewers Guild

Partnering to Build Better Beer

Buck Creek Hops and the Iowa Brewers Guild is pleased to announce a new partnership to benefit hops purchasing for members only of the Iowa Brewers Guild! We share the Guild’s passion to improve the quality of beer brewed in Iowa, and what better way to support that ideal than using locally grown hops! We would like to take this opportunity to reveal how the partnership will work and how it will benefit you as Guild members.

The Breakdown:

As a Guild member, purchase price of ALL VARIETIES of hops ordered through Buck Creek Hops will be $12.00 per pound, and this rate will be locked in for 3 years.

Brewer’s must commit to purchase hops from Buck Creek Hops for each of those three years. The quantities and variety options can vary each year, so the only commitment breweries are making is to support local hops on some level for the next three years.

We understand things change quickly in the brewing industry. Knowing that, Buck Creek Hops will allow for a 20% +/- swing on the yearly contracted amounts. So, if you find yourself running short on a variety one year, we will sell you an additional 20% of your total amount per variety each year at the member price. And visa versa, if you’ve “over-contracted” and do not need all the hops you first envisioned, we will decrease your agreed upon purchase of up to 20% per variety each year.

The Benefits:

Buck Creek Hops wants to support the Iowa Brewer’s Guild and their mission. Therefore, Buck Creek Hops will donate $.075 per pound sold, back to the Guild!

Buck Creek Hops will offer free delivery of hops each year for orders that exceed 75 pounds as long as the brewery is located in Iowa – that is a HUGE savings to our local breweries!

Because our hops are grown in Iowa soil, they have a slightly different flavor profile than hops grown in the Pacific Northwest. In a world where everyone wants to try a new craft beer each week, our hops give you the option to brew something totally new, or simply put a twist on an old favorite!

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