No Rest for a Hops Farmer

The ground is frozen, and it’s much too cold for hops to grow. So what does a hops farm like Buck Creek Hops do in the middle of January?


Right now we’re doing a lot of marketing to companies and home brewers. One way we market our hops is by participating in guest pours at places like Backpocket Brewing in Cedar Rapids. A guest pour includes visiting breweries and dumping our hops into boiling beer for people to try.

We’ve also been busy making deliveries around the state and are very excited about all the beer making going on right now!


As any farmer knows, preparation is just as important – if not more so – than any other part of the growing process. January and February are crucial planning months as we get ready for the growing season.

We are ordering all our fertilizers, pesticides and supplies we’ll need come planting and growing season. Regarding our growers, we are currently working to develop fertilizing programs and integrated pest management programs for each individual grower.

Our annual Buck Creek Hops Grower Alliance meeting will be coming soon! Learn more about the Buck Creek Hops Alliance

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