Buy Hops Direct from Buck Creek Hops

One of the biggest advantages to buying hops from Buck Creek Hops is our direct farm to brewery delivery. We pride ourselves on being Iowa’s premier commercial hops farm, with more than 100 acres dedicated to growing the best hops on the market.

Here are 4 great reasons to buy hops direct from Buck Creek Hops.

1. Nothing But the Freshest Hops

Because we’re farm to brewery, you get the freshest hops every time. Our hops aren’t stored in bales where they wait around, unsealed, until they can be received by a processing facility. We pick our hops from the field and get them dried, pelleted, and sealed in nitrogen flushed packaging in under 24 hours. Our “24 Hour Field to Freezer” process ensures you get the freshest hops in your beer!

2. Choose Your Hops

When you become a brewer with Buck Creek Hops, you can actually come out and choose your hops during the growing season! This way you get exactly the hops you want, every time.

3. Put a Face with Your Hops

As a local, independently-owned hops farm we put customer service above everything! That includes building personal relationships with our breweries and hops purchasers.

4. Pay Less for Premium Hops

You pay less for your hops when you buy direct from Buck Creek Hops. This is due to our ability to cut out the middleman and ship your hops directly to you. Don’t pay more than you have to brew great beer!

Buy Hops Direct from Buck Creek Hops

We have a variety of hops available for purchase both on-site and online! Check out our current varieties!

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