Preparing Our Hops Farm: April Updates

We’re Getting Started!

We spent the last month preparing our hops farm for this year’s yield. We were out in the field, fully staffed at almost 60 hours a week, prepping the plots and planting! Our growers are now monitoring plant growth to ensure our hops are healthy and continuing to grow on schedule.

During this phase we also worked on upgrades and improvements to our facility and all our processing equipment. We used this time to prepare machines and calibrate our processing equipment for harvest. By using the early planting stages to prepare our machinery, we are able to focus on growing the best hops throughout the rest of the year!

Cedar Rapids Beer Week

If you love beer as much as we do, you may already know about the Cedar Rapids Beer Week. If not, check out this 10 day celebration of all things beer, May 5-14 in Cedar Rapids! (10 days is a long week, but we’re not complaining.) Check out the Cedar Rapids Beer Week Facebook or Website to learn more!