Growing Young Hops

In May we saw a lot of awesome growth in our young hops plants! The vines are really coming up now and starting to climb the trellises. Growing young hops takes a lot of care and diligence to ensure you get the best yield possible.

Young Hops Care

When your hops first start growing it is very important to be aware of their conditions. During this time we are constantly scouting the fields for pests that could cripple the hops yield. By being aware of pests right away we are able to prevent them from spreading throughout the crop. We are also fertilizing and spraying when needed to promote the health of our hops.

In addition to spraying and fertilizing, we pay close attention to the soil’s water saturation. Hops plants need plenty of hydration, but can easily get too much water – especially during spring in Iowa. When we do experience too much water saturation we irrigate our fields only where it is needed. This keeps our hops healthy and happy!

Upcoming Events in Iowa

Iowa Craft Brew Festival – This year’s Iowa Craft Brew Festival is June 17th in the 200 block of E 3rd St in Des Moines. The event is from 2-5 pm for general admission pass holders and will feature more than 50 Iowa breweries! If you love craft beer you don’t want to miss this! Learn more about the event.

Are you interested in learning more about growing hops or getting support in growing your own hops? Become a member of the Buck Creek Hops Alliance Program!